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Various attempts at reunions of Shipyard and Base personnel have been made since the yard closed finally in 1997.  Individual groups have gotten together, usually through the efforts of one person who just wants to see everybody one more time.

1998 - A reunion dinner was held and was fairly successful, but has not been renewed.

2000 - A reunion dinner was held for design personnel that encompassed most people on the 4th floor of Building 300.  For a couple of years the Code 250 design people would have an annual Pizza lunch.

2002 - A few suggestions via Internet resulted in the reunion picnic "happening" at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.  Over 800 people showed up for that, including many from across the country.

2003 - We attempted to organize the picnic, a little better, and it turned out to be quite successful with hundreds attending and several ex-yardbirds putting on historical displays of Plaques, Digests, Photos and other Memorabilia.    

In between reunions are other scheduled gatherings.  The Planners Christmas luncheon is still held but at Denny's in Los Alamitos since Clifton's in Lakewood closed up.  Paul Oien (P&E), who chaired the luncheon, passed away last year but the organizing has been taken over by his son, Wendell (Code 270).  Bookmark this site and watch for next year's schedule as the luncheon now includes all design and supervisory (shop) personnel as well as Planners & Estimators.

Also, Code 930 Machinists get together for lunch the first Tuesday of each month at the Colonial Buffet in downtown Long Beach (2nd & Elm).  Code 950 Electricians and Electronics have lunch aboard the Chowder Barge the first Thursday of each month (west of Henry Ford Avenue and South of Anaheim Street - follow the RR tracks).  Each Thursday evening a few die-hards show up at Curley's Restaurant  (Willow and Cherry) in Signal Hill.  Captain Pickering is usually there to share drinks and dinner with.

Bookmark this site and I will keep all of you ex-yardbirds informed of any reunions or special occasions that come to my attention.  

Richard A. Landgraff
Shop 11, 1954-1964
Code 250, 1964-1994.
Secretary LBNSY Reunion Picnic Committee.

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