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Present Research Activity

    1   Photo Essays - Consist of Exsisting Original Buildings and Artifacts as it Looks Today
    A -   Present Photo Essay Scheduled
    B -   Present Photo Essay Completed Soon
    C   Present Photo Essay Completed
    2   Historical Research - Consists of Information on Before, During and After Base Activity
    A   Historical Research Scheduled
    B   Historical Research Completed Soon
    C   Historical Research Completed
    3   Revisits - Are Used to Complete Historical Research and Photo Essays
    A   Revisit Scheduled Soon
    B   Revisit Scheduled
    C   Revisit Completed
    X   Nothing Will Be Scheduled In This Category


  Past Closures   Present Action Being Taken
  Childress AAF, TX   1B - 2A - 3A
  Pueblo AAF, CO   1B - 2C - 3X
  La Junta AAF, CO   1B - 2B - 3A
  Kingman AAF, AZ   1B - 2B - 3B
  Titan I IBCM Complex - Chico, CA   1C - 2C - 3X
  Pecos AAB, TX   1A - 2A - 3A
  Pyote AAF, TX   1A - 2A - 3A
  Big Spring AAF, TX   1A - 2A - 3A
  Deming AAF, NM   1A - 2A - 3A
  Fort Wingate AAD, NM   1A - 2A - 3A
  Blythe Army Air Base, CA   1B - 2B - 3B
  Earlier Commissions   Present Action Being Taken
  Skaggs Island NCC, CA   1C - 2A - 3X
  Fort Mason, CA   1B - 2B - 3A
  Fort Baker, CA   1B - 2B - 3A
  Fort Cronkite, CA   1C - 2B - 3A
  1988 Commission (16)   Present Action Being Taken
  George AFB, CA    
  Mather AFB, CA   1C - 2A - 3X
  Norton AFB, CA    
  Presidio of San Francisco, CA   1B - 2A - 3A
  Chanute AFB, IL    
  Fort Sheridan, IL    
  Jefferson Proving Ground, IN    
  Lexington Army Depot, KY    
  Naval Station Lake Charles, LA    
  Army Material Tech Lab, MA    
  Pease AFB, NH    
  Naval Station Brooklyn, NY    
  Philadelphia Naval Hospital, PA    
  Naval Station, Galveston, TX    
  Fort Douglas, UT    
  Cameron Station, VA    
  1991 Commission (26)   Present Action Being Taken
  Eaker AFB, AR    
  Williams AFB, AZ    
  Castle AFB, CA   1B - 2B - 3A
  Fort Ord, CA   1C - 2A - 3X
  Hunters Point Annex, CA   1B - 2A - 3B
  Moffett NAS, CA   1C - 2B - 3X
  Naval Station Long Beach, CA   1C - 2B - 3X
  NAV ElecSysEngrCtr, San Diego, CA    
  Sacramento Army Depot, CA   1A - 2A
  Tustin MCAS, CA   1A - 2A
  Lowry AFB, CO    
  Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN    
  Grissom AFB, IN    
  England AFB, LA    
  Fort Devens, MA    
  Loring AFB, ME    
  Wurtsmith AFB, MI    
  Richards-Gebaur ARS, MO    
  Rickenbacker AGB, OH    
  Naval Station Philadelphia, PA    
  Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, PA    
  Myrtle Beach AFB, SC    
  Bergstrom AFB, TX (Act Comp Only)    
  Carswell AFB, TX    
  Chase Field NAS, TX    
  Naval Station Puget Sound, WA    
  1993 Commission (28)   Present Action Being Taken
  Naval Station Mobile, AL    
  Mare Island Naval Shipyard, CA   1C - 2C - 3X
  MCAS El Toro, CA   1A - 2A
  Naval Air Station Alameda, CA    
  Naval Aviation Depot Alameda, CA    
  Naval Hospital Oakland, CA   1B - 2B
  Naval Station Treasure Island, CA   1C - 2C - 3X
  Naval Training Center San Diego, CA    
  Naval Air Station Cecil Field, FL    
  Naval Aviation Depot Pensacola, FL    
  Homestead AFB, FL    
  Naval Training Center Orlando, FL    
  Naval Air Station Agana, Guam    
  Naval Air Station Barbers Point, HI   1A - 2A
  Naval Air Station Glenview, IL    
  O'Hare IAP ARS, IL    
  NESEC, St. Inigoes, MD    
  K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI    
  Naval Station Staten Island, NY    
  Plattsburgh AFB, NY    
  Gentile Air Force Station, OH (DESC)    
  Newark AFB, OH    
  Defense Per. Support Center, PA    
  Charleston Naval Shipyard, SC    
  Naval Station Charleston, SC    
  Naval Air Station Dallas, TX   1A - 2A
  Naval Aviation Depot Norfolk, VA    
  Vint Hill Farms, VA    
  1995 Commission (27)   Present Action Being Taken
  Naval Air Facility, Adak, AK    
  Fort McClellan, AL    
  Fort Chaffee, AR    
  Fleet Industrial SU. Center, Oakland, CA    
  Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, CA   1C - 2B - 3X
  McClellan AFB, CA   1A - 2C - 3B
  Oakland Army Base, CA   1A - 2A
  Ontario IAP Air Guard Station, CA    
  Fitzsimoms Army Medical Center, CO    
  Ship Repair Facility, Guam    
  Savanna Army Depot Activitym, IL    
  NAWC, Aircraft Division, Indianapolis, IN    
  NAWC, Crane Div Det, Louisville, KY    
  Naval Air Station, South Weymoth, MA    
  Fort Holabird, MD    
  Fort Ritchie, MD    
  NSWC, Dahlgren Div Det, White Oak, MD    
  Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal, NJ    
  Roslyn Air Guard Station, NY    
  Seneca Army Depot, NY    
  Fort Indiantown Gap, PA    
  NAWC, Aircraft Div., Warminster, PA    
  Defense Dist. Depot Memphis, TN    
  Bergstrom Air Reserve Base, TX    
  Resse AFB, TX    
  Defense Distribution Depot Ogden, UT    
  Fort Pickett, VA    
  2005 Commission (00)   Present Action Being Taken