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Posted 9-13-02
Ken Fisher, 551st SMS, 64 - 67

If you were stationed at Lincoln from 1954 to 1966 when the base was closed, please sign on to this board. The 98th & 307th have long running Vet's groups & so does the 551st. SMS. The 551st will be hold their 1st reunion on April of 2003. The 98th has one yearly while the 307th does on every two years. I was in the 551st & when the unit closed I was transferred into the 818th CES. From Combat Crew duty to Fire-Rescue duty. Enjoyed by Lincoln stay & the guys I had worked with & hung out with. So guys, don't be bashful, sign up, there are some of your old friends out there waiting to hear from you.

Posted 1-21-03
Bud VanDyne, A1C

Would love to hear from anyone formerly in POL stationed at LAFB in the early sixties.

Posted 3-2-03
Hugh Reid, 818 CDF Sentry Dog Section, 1958 - 1961

Served in the 818 CDF Sentry Dog Section under Sgt. Caples Feb. 58 to Sept. 61 "I" Flight. Airman First Class Reid. Would like to hear from anyone who also served in CDF at that time.

Posted 10-25-03
Tim Arnold, Late 1950's - Early 1960's

Hello:   My name is Tim Arnold.  My Father who passed away two weeks ago was a B-47E Pilot with the 372nd Bomb Squadron in the 307th Bomb Wing in the late 50's and early 60's.  His name was Henry G."Hap" Arnold.  Do any of you know him or remember him?

Posted 10-25-03
1LT Janet R. Campbell, 818th

1LT Janet R. Campbell, 818th.  Did duty as Ass't Info officer, taking tours through the base and working on the Jet Scoop with Sgt Marvin Hatcher "Hatch", A1C Al Reeves and Joe Reilly. Also worked in the Ed Office with SSgt "Willie" Williams and A1C Barry Kaplan, with whom I am in contact. Serving at LAFB was the highlight of my young life - met SOO many wonderful folks and am trying to reestablish contact with some of them - Norm Tilton, George Diedrich, Dick Magee and many more.  I married Art Sorenson (98th) and had a great bunch of parties.  Anyone remember them?  Also the German teacher (ECI) from UofN Erika Stark?

Posted 10-25-03
Julie (Lewis) Shaw

Hi. I am trying to locate anyone from the base who would remember my Dad and Mom. My dad was stationed at the base from about 1956 or 1957 until 1963.  Dad's name was Tom Lewis and Mom's name was Esther. They lived on base after they married until moving to New Mexico in 1963. Mom passed away in 1994 and Dad passed away in 1995. If someone remembers them and would be able to contact me, please email me.  I don't remember much about living on base because I was only 5 when we moved. Also stationed with Dad was my mom's brother, Al Swarm. If these names ring a bell, please contact me. I would love to know more about when they lived on base. Thank you.

Posted 10-25-03
CWO Keith P. Canfield, 818 ABG, 1955 - 1966

Hello Ya'all. I too am a proud airman to have served at LAFB - July '55 to June 1966.  Sgt. Caples probably remembers more than I.  'Have been trying to locate M/Sgt. James Adams who was NCOIC Base Confinement Facility.  I retired Aug.1, 1968. Let's keep LAFB news alive!

Posted 12-22-03
James N. Crabtree, Mid 1950's

My Name is Jody Crabtree. My Dad, James N. Crabtree of Oldtown, Maryland served at Lincoln AFB in the mid-fifties. He has passed away, and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. I believe he was a mechanic on KC-97's and it seems like he always mentioned the 98th. He was a SSgt. If anyone remembers him pleas feel free to email me. Thanks!!

Posted 12-28-03
Jim Mitchell, (SSgt), 1956 - 1960

I was stationed at LAFB from 1956 to 1960 in the 98th Air Refueling Squadron, working as chief clerk for Lt. Col. Jasper L. Godwin Jr..  We went on many TDY's during this period to Harmon AFB, Newfoundland and Lajes Field, Azores Islands.  I would really like to find an old friend and former First Sergeant, MSgt John J. Glisan.  We both left Lincoln in 1960 for Osan AB, Korea (different units) and rotated back to the states in 1961 to NORAD (different units).  He retired and was living in Lincoln and the last I heard from him was in 1978.  Anyone that would like to hear anything about the 98th ARS during this period, drop me a line.  Thanks. 

Posted 12-18-03
Ivan Marquis A1C  1961 - 1965

Was assign to 551st Missle Sqoudron, Structural Repair. Then re-assign to 98th, Structural Repair. Went TDY to the Azores in 1962 to 63. Would like to hear from some of the ole troops from Good ole Lincoln AFB. You all Have A Good One and God Bless.

Posted 1-6-03
James D. Rusher, AIC, 1962 - 1965

I was a B-47 crew chief in the 307th Bomb wing until it phased out then reassigned to the 98th Bomb wing until it phased out.   If any of my old buddies that I served with at Lincoln at that time are out there and want to contact me, please do.

Posted 2-22-04
Leonard Peterson (Pete), 1954 - 1957

My father: Leonard Peterson (Pete) was stationed at the Lincoln Air Force Base from '54 until July of '57.  His last duty was in the 34th Air Depot Squadron (SAC).  He has passed away several years ago and I am looking for any pictures or information about him or his Squadron.

Posted 8-28-04
Larry Mau A/1C, 1960 - 1963

My name is Larry Mau A/1C. I was in the 98th FMS Recip. Engine Build Up Shop from 9 Dec. 1960 til Apr. 1963 then the 307th Base Flight Recip. Eng. Shop. I am looking for several people for our engine shop reunion . Tom Wolf, John Burns John Carter, K.W.Smith,Hugh Moore, William Wallace, Jim Dudley, Charles Dudley,Ken Takacs, If anyone out there knows where I can find them please send me an e-mail. Thank You.

Posted 1-16-05
Lawrence Alford, Airman 2nd/Class, 1957 - 1961

Flight Line Mechanic B-47 Lincoln AFB 1957-1961 Two reflex (TYD) to Upper Heyford,England.

Posted 1-16-05
R. R. Guise, A/2C, 1958 - 1960

Asstant C. C. looking for A/1C Gary Jorgenson and A/1C Robert C Adams 343rd Bomb Sqdn.TY RRG

Posted 2-12-05
Thomas (Tom) J. Parson, 1955 - 1959

I'm Thomas (Tom) J. Parson stationed in the 307th Bomb Wing from January 1955 until December 1959. I was an Airborne Radio Mechanic in the 307th AEMS. I have many good memories about LAFB. I retired from the AF June 1977 at Grand Forks AFB after serving in missiles from 1960. If anyone knows anything about a 307 Bomb Wing Association, let me know. My address is: Tom Parson, 2450 Carter Dr., Rapid City, SD 57702-4760.

Posted 2-12-05
Marvin V. Carmical, 1962 - 1966 (updated 10-03-12)

Hi,   I am Marvin V. Carmical.  My dad Vernon Carmical,& (Mom) Estell & I  were stationed there from August 1962 - January 1966.  He was in the 98th Squadron as a Tech Order Clerk with B-47's.  We lived off base & I attended West Lincoln Elementary school.  Unfortunately I was too young to remember much about Lincoln.  Vernon was a member of The Nebraska Old Time Fiddlers & played the fiddle as he still continues to do.  We left there & went to Dyess A.F.B.  We were stationed at Clark A.F.B, P.I.. from 1969 - 1973.  He retired from Whiteman A.F.B. in 1979 after 26 1/2 year career in the Air Force.   Marvin V. Carmical

Posted 2-12-05
George W. Lewis A/1C, 1955-1960
Asst Crew Chief KC-97, 307 ARS

Would like to hear from anyone from that time frame. I was transfer along with 307 ARS to Selfridge AFB, crossed trained  to boom operstor.

Posted 3-6-05
Allan Cantlon, A2C, 307th Instrument Shop, 1962 - 1965

Would like to hear from any 307th members, I retired in 1981 with 20 years service!

Posted 5-10-05
Dave Hale, SSGT, 1954 - 1962

My name is Dave Hale, .  B-47 ground crew and crew chief in the 343rd BS.  Looking for old friends and comrades from the outfit.  I'm 70 now, living in Tacoma, WA.  Picture from Lincoln below. I would be glad to hear from any who remember me.  

Posted 6-6-05
Willaim J Wilkinson, A1C, 17219454, Fire and Rescue, 1954 - 1958

My father joined up in 1946 and left in 1964, he died in 1997.  I am his eldest daughter Laura Cherith and would love to hear from anyone who knew him and remembers when he went to Lakenheath.  I now live in Sammamish WA, having lived in England since 1958. Thank you!

Posted 7-17-05
Dave Avery, Msgt, 1954 - 1961

Assigned to the 343rd and 371st Bomb Squadrons. Was Assist Crew Chief for A/1C Lloyd Harding who was lost on the C-118 in Oct. 1956 and Assist Crew Chief for S/Sgt Burton Boone on AC # 53-2297.  When Burton left I took over as Crew Chief until I was transferred to Harmon AFB in Sept.1961. Would like to hear from some of the guys that were at LAFB.

Posted 7-18-05
Roy Lewis

During the ealy part of the 1955 or 56 there was a Navy Air Reserve Unit stastioned at Lincoln AFB. They utilized a variety of aircraft, jet fighters, prop driven troop carriers (small) , and some modified recip bombers. Most of these planes were parked just to the west of the South Hangar which was the 307th maintemance facility. Their wooden maintenance building was across the road from the 307th hangar. This Naval facility was dertroyed in a huge fire caused by a F9F that experienced a stuck throttle and zig zaged thruogh the complete row of Aircraft, and ultimately through the chain-link fence, across the road and into their wooden building. I witnessed this fire and the carnage it caused, but I can't remember the exact date. I would almost swear that it happened on a weekend. If anyone can remember the fire, or better yet, the date, I would appriciate hearing from you. I can be reached by; Roy T. Lewis, PO Box 635, Swansboro, NC 28584. Thanks in advanve for any help you can supply.

Posted 9-05-05
Bill Crooker, A/2C, 343/98OMS, 1957 - 1961

Was stationed with "Fuzzy," P.J. Kalous , Long, Larry Wyler, Lavato,   Am presently living in CA. 

Posted 10-9-05
Riley Tyree, 1955 - 1957

My name is Courtney Tyree.  My grandfather is looking for some old friends of his and has been for a while.  He served at the base from 1955-1957.  His name was Riley Tyree.  If anyone knows him please send me some information.  Also, if anybody knows any of the following people please help me find them. Jearl Crouch, Walter Corney, Herman Johnson, Gordon Brown, John Russer, David McElwain, Charles Medranco, Carl Bailey.  Thanks.

Posted 11-7-05
Roy T. Lewis, S/Sgt, 1957 - 1963
Fuel System Tech. Shop Chief- 307th Fuel System Repair

There is an incident that is absent from all of LAFB History. I can't remember the exact date, but there was a bad accident involving the Naval Air Reserve. Does anyone recall why the NAR Unit left LAFB? It was because their building burned after a runaway Jet Fighter (F9F I think) plowed thtough a complete row of parked a/c, through the Flight Line fence, and into The Naval Air Reserve office and hangar. This would have been in 1956-1957 (Approx) and most of the personell in the building was killed or severly injured. I don't know how you can find the exact date as I've tried for a long time. I remember it clearly, if fact have bad dreams about it still. Roy T. Lewis, PO Box 635 Swansboro, NC. 28584

Posted 3-19-06
A/2c Roy Harris, 1957

I arrived at Lincoln in July 1957. I was in the Fire Dept. crash rescue. I would love to hear from any one who was station there during that time.

Posted 3-19-06
A1c Kenneth (Goody) Gudeman, 34th MMS, 1956 to 1962

Looking for any of my old 34th MMS buddies and also for any 543rd ASSD guys from Korea. Was stationed at Kimpo and K9. Have address of Doug Hunt, William Calkins.

Posted 7-16-06
Ray Clouse, A2C, Late 1963 - Feb 1966 (return to civilian life)

I worked mostly in the base classified section under tech Sergeant Charles Weirauch until the last few months, when so many were leaving due to the imminant base closure, that they had me driving the mail delivery truck with an Airman David Wray. Also worked with an Airman Reed and SSgt Gordon. Would be glad to hear from anyone from the 818th CSG HQ from that time.

Posted 10-2-06
Nick Keck, CPP, Col, USAF (Ret)

I reported for duty from PCS leave (arriving from Brady Air Base, Japan, from where I went TDY to Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam) with the 818th Combat Defense Squadron the day the Cuban Missile Crisis was announced. I was assigned to the 1800-0600 shift as duty officer with MSgt Julien Timmons providing guidance. After the crisis was resolved, I became the Operations officer. When the squadron commander retired on 31 Dec 1962, I assumed command of the squadron until relieved by Capt John J Hammer who arrived from Okinawa in April. Lt Col Wayne B Kerner was the BDCL. Lt P. Neal Scheidel, gave us a staff assistance visit from 2nd Air Force in May; he later became the USAF Chief of Security Police upon promotion to Brig Gen in 1982. I left Lincoln in Sept, 1963, to become a Minuteman Missile Launch Officer at Ellsworth AFB, So Dak, (where I earned my MBA from The Ohio State University and was a senior stan-eval crewmember). Subsequent assignments were Ops Officer 432nd SPS, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand; Commander, 464th SPS, Pope AFB; Chief, Plans and Programs, HQ 12AF; Director Plans and Programs, HQ TAC; Deputy Commander, HQ No. 5 Wing, RAF Regiment, RAF Wittering, England; Commander, 89th SPS, Andrews AFB, Md; Student, Air War College, Montgomery AFB, Ala; Professor Aerospace Studies, Kent State University, Ohio; Director of Plans and Programs, Air Force Office of Security Police, Kirtland AFB, NM; Chief of Security Police ATC, Randolph AFB, Tex. Following retirement, I became the Security Manager for Aerojet Corp in Sacramento, Cal, and later, Security Manager for Packard Bell-NEC. I have been active in American Society for Industrial Security and earned my Certified Protection Professional rating from them. My time in retirement has been spent publishing "Tiger Flight" the 72 page, bi-monthly professional journal of the Air Force Security Police Association.

Nick Keck, CPP, Col, USAF (Ret), 2005 Empire Mine Circle, Gold River, CA 95670-7719

Posted 10-2-06
John Reynolds, AF 19712801

I remember Lincoln AFB very well. My name is John Reynolds, I was an A2c, and an A3c when I left. I was stationed with the 818 CDS while there. That was from late 1961-1963. I stood the wall while on duty, and no one or anything got by me. I had a private Pilot's license when I joined the Air Force, and took flying lessons from a Major Myhand, a Pilot from the 98 Bomb wing. I was trying to qualify to fly the AT-6 that the Aero club had there. Unfortunately all that flying exceed my ability to pay, and I came up $2.64 short on my aero club dues. I still have the flying suit that he gave me with the 98th Bomb. wing patch, and the SAC patch. Just before I had my financial difficulties, I was assigned to escort duty while they loaded those Atlas Missile sites. Then I was assigned to duty in those deep dark holes in the ground. There wasn't much to do down there, but the food was good. They busted me down, and sent me home. But, I got an honorable discharge, and all the benefits. I am 65 now and living in a condo 5 miles from Eduards AFB. and I can still go out there Show my old ID card, and get a front seat when the shuttle lands. Also, check Washington for service records for the AF from 1961-1975. They were all burned up in a fire and all they say about me is my Service ID#, the dates I served and I received an honorable discharge. I did my best, but I never understood what they wanted.

Posted 10-2-06
Domingo Delgado, A/2C, 1959 - 1960
98 AEMS   A-5 Turret Sys. Mech.

Transferred from Plattsburgh AFB to LAFB and spen my last active year in the AF there. Had a great time and many good friends from all around the USA. I have some pictures I took on the flightline during an Open House in 1959 which I will scrounge up and Maybe I can get them posted.     Thanks

Posted 11-12-06
Lawrence E. Mau A/1c, Dec1960 - Aug.1964
98th FMS Recip Engine Build Up Shop

Worked in the 98th engine shop until April 1963 then the 307th Base Flight engine shop. We are having a reunion of engine shops and other support shops, paint, sheet metal electric, prop, etc in Toledo Ohio July 12,13,&14 th 2007. Please contact me if you are interested.

Posted 4-10-07
Michael A. “Mike" Pierce, A1C, 1962 - 1965
(SSGT at the time of discharge)

I arrived at Lincoln in May 1962 and was a member of the 307th A&E working Fire Control (20MM gun aiming system) until the wing started to disband in 1965.  I was moved over to the 98th A&E, doing the same thing for a short time.  I was then sent to TAC to work Fire Control on F-4Cs. While at Lincoln I knew Jack Holley (Fire Control), Bob Jessup (Fire Control), Jim Kirby (Fire Control), Bob Holley (no relation – Bomb/Nav), Ed Visser (ECM, I think), John Russell (Fire Control), Eugene Barnes (Fire Control), SSGT Rehse (Gun Shop), A1C Bright, A1C Smart.  Major Kutcher was our squadron commander and Captain Cleveland was an admin officer. I played softball (catcher) and football for the squadron team. On a trip back to Lincoln in 2004 I met with Jack Holley (who now lives in Marysville, KS) and Jessup (who now lives in Dallas, TX).  Lincoln has changed significantly.  We went out to where the base was.  It was difficult to find any of the old landmarks, but we did find the old A&E building and the building up by the lake on base.

Posted 4-16-07
Larry McMullin S.Sgt, 1962 - 1966

I was at Lincoln AFB from 1962 to the closing in 1966.  Those were some of the best years of my life.  I was with the 818th Combat Support Group.  I was a staff Sargent when I left.  I was discharged but would probably have stayed in if the base wasn't closing and my buddies were being shipped elsewhere.  If anyone would like info on what it was like you can contact me.   I would love to hear from some of the guys I was stationed with.  I am almost 63 now and realize a lot of things have changed.  I paid a visit back to the base in 2005 and was surprised how much it had changed.  I hope everyone is doing well and good luck.

Posted 6-24-07
Roy Otto, A1C, 34th MMS, 1963 to 1965

Anyone from the 34th MMS care to tell about old times there? I was able to find the bomb dump on Google Earth. Just as I remember it.

Posted 7-8-07
Myron "FIG" Newton, A1C, 1962 - 1965
307 A&E Airborne Radar

Great memories of LAFB and the City of Lincoln. Highlights were getting on flight status and getting in a couple of flights. Also spent more than my share of time at "Robbies" and partying in general. Served with the 98th for a few months until my discharge. Probably would have re-upped except the first shirt (MSgt McMillian, I think) "promised" me Minot, ND. Have stayed in touch with a few of the guys in the 307/98 A&E like Bill Bowles, Joe Javinski, Bob Szudarek (he passed away last year), Jerry Watson and George Malcom. Wonder what ever happened to Jerry Leach and Norman "Red" Koger who played in a band with a couple of civilians and an AF drummer (Souter, I think). The band was called Clover and the 4-leafs.

Posted 7-8-07
Andrew H. Pelfrey, 551st, 1961 - 1966

My dad is looking for anyone that  was in the 55st from 61-66.  He is also trying to find his roomate, Peter J. Rouse from CA.  Email me with any info, if you would Thanks

Posted 7/21/07
Kenneth Tarwater, A1c, 1957 - 1960,
Assistant Crew\par Chief 307th ARS on KC-97 #377 and 804

I am looking for anyone that may have pictures taken of the ground crews at the state capitol banquet after the 307th won the Fairchild Trophy in 1959.If you were there, you remember that the Govenor promoted us the Admirals in the great navy of the state of Nebraska. Pictures are needed for our history that Historian and Author Mike Hill (SAC Brat) is writing as we speak. Before it is lost forever, please help. Email me or snail mail to 829 NW 69th Terr, K.C. Mo. 64118. Also have been trying to locate SSgt Sam Sloan, Crew Chief KC-97 #804, 307th ARS and MSGT Jack P Wilkins Crew Chief KC-97 #377, 307th ARS. Can anyone out there help? Thanks, Ken

Posted 8-14-07
Thomas J. Owen, A1C,   34thMMs
May 1962 - November 1965

Hi Everyone whom I served with at Lincoln AFB. Not a day goes by that I don't think of all my buddies that I served with. It is a part of my life that I am very proud of and I was so lucky to have served with you guys. If You remember me please feel free to email me at . I wish we could have had a group picture of the 34thMMs back then. Soon after I arrived home in 1965 I received my A1C stripe orders in the mail. This past weekend The Moving Wall was at The VFW National Home located here in my hometown of Eaton Rapids, Michigan   TJ Owen 

Posted 10-28-07
Sgt. Rheinhard Krigner,  1965 - 1966

I was an Aerospace Fire Protection Specialist (57150) I was stationed at the flightline fire station and my job was Crew Chief on the P-2, O-11b, or either structural truck. I remember a lot of my time there. I even remember that Ken Fisher still owes me 8 hours on the fire dispatch desk.

Posted 12-2-07
Charles Kendrick, AFC, 307FM GP, 1956 to 1960

Would like to hear from anybody around that time that remembers me.

Posted 12-4-07
Robert Merrill, A1C, 98th Instrument Shop, 1954 to 1957

I was at Lincoln from 1954 to 1957. Anyone out there , I would like to hear from you.

Posted 1-20-08
James Whalen, A1C, 1954 - 1955

I was a crew chief on A/C 803 a KC97G during this period at LAFB with Dick Delaney as my asst. We came from Forbes AFB the fall of 1954 after a tour of duty with 55th Wing having RB50's. Lincoln was a great place but needed a lot of help when we go there. Can remember of putting engine work stands together and having a piece of steel fall barely missing my foot. Would enjoy hearing from any who I served with at that time.

Posted 2-3-08
Miller Leon Wilkins SSgt,. 98th FMS, 1954-1957 (updated 1-4-09)

I transferred with the 55th air Refueling Sq. from Forbes AFB to Lincoln AFB 98th FMS on Feb. 16-1954. I was stationed there except for a few TDYS until my discharge on Feb.1-1957. I would like to hear from anyone of the same time period. Especially Nickolas G. Spolaris, Francis E. Ullman, Kenneth Pope, Marvin Popard, Neal Clements, Billy Brown & Kenneth Knight.

Posted 3-2-08
Gerald Briggs, A2C, 1960 - 1961

I arrived at Lincoln AFB in July of 1960 and shipped out to Nouasseur AB, Morocco in September of 1961. While at Lincoln, I was a surgery specialist assigned to the 818th Medical Group. Our surgeon was Capt. Martens, our squadron commander was Lt. Good. I roomed with A2c Dale Hull from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Following my tour in Morocco, I returned to my home in Denton, Texas, where I graduated from the University of North Texas and still reside. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew me at Lincoln.

Posted 3-4-08
Richard D. Goodson, A/2C, 1956 - 1960

I was stationed at Lincoln AFB from 1956 until last of 1960, I was in the 307TH BW, 372nd Bomb squadron, I was a jet mech. over two engine AT that time. I have for several years to find out what happened to the 307th bw and in the Dec . 07 MAG.  mag . I saw listed  (307th Bomb Wing B-47/KC97 association.) Put in mag . by BRENT HORN, Phone #  913-268-6368  Email;;  The assoc. Web site is on this ( )   They have a Reunion coming up  MAY 13 thru 18 in Branson mo. Contact Brent horn. All interested need to contact Brent as soon as possible, This will be my first reunion, To attend  ,  HOPE to re meet a lot of my old friends that i have thought about all these years , Those were some of the most precious years of my life, And learning years. I have tried for years to find one of my old buddies , A/2C Ramond  O. galyon, He was in the 372nd bomb Squadron Also , he was a jet mech.  over 2 engine, I know he was still there in 63, Ivan Murrill, I seen him about 10 years latter and he was home on leave , at that time he was stationed in Deluith , I then lost tract of him  GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND GOD BLESS ::: I can be reached by e mail  at  Phone 731-235-1199, I live in greenfield tenn. 554 Shades Bridge Rd . 38230.  At the time at lincoln , I was  A/2C  Richard D. Goodson   I got out during NAM as S/sgt. With time in grade for tech,

Posted 3-9-08
Nell Steckly

Nell Steckly looking for Don E. Helms Cook at Lincoln AFB in 1959   I am conducting a person to person search for a soldier who was believed to be a cook at the Lincoln Air Force Base in 1959.  He was known as Don E. Helms, but it is unknown as to whether or not Don was short for Donald or something, or if there was any other nicknames he went by.  Unfortunately, the family is also not sure of any of his buddies names from the service.  His home location was believed to be California.  And the amount of time he spent in the service is unknown.  He was believed to be of Native American and perhaps German race.  One family member described him as having a very gentle soul, tanned skin, and a rather good looking man.  The search is being conducted for family members. Don may not realize exists (Ie. grandchildren and great-grandchildren).  Geneology and health questions would also like to be answered.  If you have any information that might lead us to finding Don-any information, no matter how big or small would be greatly appreciated!  Even if all you have to share is memories, we would love to hear from you.   Thank you

Posted 3-16-08
Ronald R Souliere, A2C A1C, Dec 57 - Jan 63
98th A&E Fire Control A-5

Came to LAFB Dec 57 from Plattsburg AFB. Worked with SGT's Fain, Nelson, Goudy, Loup. Came with Doug Hawke, Ralph Hartzell, Domingo, Delgado, James Gulick and Fernando Daigle. Have contact with others from the 57 to 66 era when the base closed. I left in Jan 63 to F105'S at Itazuke Japan. To Nellis in 66 and retrained into F-111 Attack Radar. TDY 8.5 months to south east Asia to combat test. Returned to Nellis, retrained again into Avionics Test Station Maintenance assigned Mt Home ID then upper Heyford England. Retired Oct 77. Returned to Lincoln. Still here too. Any other contacts out there?

Posted 4-1-08
Capt. Norman J Gates, 1957 - 1965

My father was stationed at Lincoln AFB from 1957 to 1965.  His name was Capt. Norman J Gates and he was in SAC, then Missiles.  My name is Barbara Gates Terkildsen and my sister is Diana Gates Love.  I would love to get in touch with anyone we knew from that time.  I graduated Pius X in 1964.  I have heard from quite a few and there is probably going to be a Lincoln AFB Brats reunion in the near future.  Some of us are having our 2nd small reunion in May in Lincoln, and there is a lot of interest in a big reunion which we will talk about then!!!!!  The last names of some people we haven’t found are Duch, Bill Montgomery, Kent, Rita Powell. I would absolutely love to hear from all of you from that time.  Please put Lincoln AFB in the subject box so I don’t delete you.

Posted 4-7-08
Paul L. Hutchins, A2C, 1963 - 1966

I arrived at Lincoln AFB in December 1963, and I was assigned to 818 HQ Squadron.  I worked in base pay until I left in June 1966.  I also worked as a projectionist at the base theater.  I was reassigned to Glasgow AFB where I served the rest of my hitch, leaving in June 1967 to attend the University of Maine  

Posted 5-12-08
John H. Monroe, A/1C, 34th MMS, 1957 - 1961

My duty station on arrival was the 34th Aviation Depot Squadron and later renamed the 34th Munitions Maintenance Squadron. I filled the Training NCO slot at the weapons section at the Bomb Dump. I was there when Perry's Pond was built by "Volunteer Labor" and actually did some water skiing after it was finished. My wife and I lived in the "Huskerville" housing from mid-1958 until our departure in January 1961. I particularly remember the great Pheasant hunting especially around the fallow area surrounding the Bomb Dump. I noted that although the buildings and bunkers are gone the outline of the road to and around the bunker circle still show up in the satellite photos. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served in the 34th during my time there.

Posted 5-20-08
Liz Legler (daughter of)
Victor Legler, Tech Sgt, 1958 - 1960

Daughter of Victor Legler, Tech Sgt, 1958-1960. My father passed away in 2006 at the age of 91.  Our family spent two wonderful years in Lincoln, we lived off base on Holdrege Street. We were transferred to Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque in 1960.  Since my father died I have become curious about his life in the USAF.  He did not talk very much about his duties and since I was just 6 years old my memories are hazy.  All I know is that he worked on airplanes.  Please let know if you can shed any light on his life there at that time.

Posted 7-28-08
Maryse Alice Berbey-Larry

My father graduated from Lincoln Aircraft School of mechanics - Lincoln Aircraft Base -  in 1943 (speciality : the famous P 47 Thunderbolts and Spitfire that defeated the germans). I still have all his diplomas and official documents delivered by the US Army... even the suitecase he brought back! I would like to get some informations. I'm looking forward to your reply. Sincerely yours Maryse Alice Berbey-Larry

Posted 10-20-08
Capt. Lloyd R. Heinze, 1957

I am working with Lloyd's family in the research of his flying time at Lincoln during 1957. He was a pilot on the B-47 with the 343rd Squadron. We have a newspaper article from his home town newspaper with some quotes from the "Jet Scoop" relating to the first jet to jet aerial refueling. The article mentions that the first B-47 refueling from the New KC135 of a Lincoln aircraft took place during the middle of 1957. If anyone has some information on this event we would be glad to hear from you. Also a Capt Charles Jackson was aboard Lloyd's B-47 that day as Navigator. Thanks for your help.   Phillip Schulz

Posted 10-20-08
Jeff Thorpe, 1964 - 1966 

Assigned to LAFB in February of 1964. While home in Chicago on my first "leave" after Amarillo AFB tech school, saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, their first trip to the States. A fellow Airman pointed out the "Buddy" hop, on "O" street, explained its' purpose to us as we turned to go over the bridge towards base. I left Lincoln in September of 1966, to spend my final year at Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan. Discharged E4 Airmen First, September 1967. For the 2 1/2 years I was stationed in Lincoln, I had a blast!!  I was 18 years old when I got there, turned 21 the summer before returning to the "Strategic Air Command" ORI s. and all that real shi-. Really lost a lot of discipline after the announcement of the base's closing. My office in the big Base Supply building had a door that opened to the outside where we could watch the Security Dogs train and run through their obstacle course. My first shirt kind of ordered me to coach a little league team (10 to 12 year olds) the summer of 1965 and we ended up winning the base "series" that year. I had told the kids that if we won they could through me in the lake. The water was warm. Crazy Bill Queenen(sp?) A2/c from Pennsylvania coached infield for us, L.P. "By God" Wann, A3/c from West Virginia had the out field and helped me with the pitchers. By the time I took over coaching the team they had lost their first three games and their coach went TDY to Spain. I told the kids that I would buy them Cokes at the PX after every victory -- safe bet--- wrong! They lost the first game under me then ran off a string of victory's that almost made me take my offer off the table. Finally, a father of one of the kids a lite colonel B47 pilot came to my rescue and started picking up the bill. The saddest part of closing the base was taking all kinds of good, usable supplies of every kind of stuff to the dumps. Beds, and I mean new mattresses, sheets , pillows, tables, chairs anything GI that we couldn't find a home for ended up at the dump. Almost as sad was a recent visit to what was the base at one time. I remember a flight line full of 47's and refuelers (KC98's?). Any one else remember the horrible wreck of two vehicles being put on display just inside the front gate so we could all see what could happen to us if we were not safe? I still miss Robbie's - the Royal Grove- going to school at the Uof N, taking the train back from Chicago in Uniform and never paying for a drink-- Viet Nam going on you know? Take care.

Posted 10-28-08
Msgt Rex Willis, 1961 - 1966

Neil Willis (Son of) Msgt Rex Willis. We were stationed at LAFB from 1961 to 1966. Looking to find any information on my Father. He worked at Base Operations. Thank You. Neil

Posted 10-28-08
Tom Bryan, Columbus, Nebr.

In my patch collection, I have a LAFB/National Skeet Shooting Association patch dated 1961.  The event was possibly held at Falcon Skeet Club.  I'm trying to determine if the skeet club and range was actually on the base, or a private club located nearby.  Thanks for any future help.

Posted 11-30-08
Navigator Ulrich

Navigator Ulrich, killed in England as the result of a B-47 Crash, approximate date - 1955. His duty station was Lincoln AFB.  Does anyone remember him or that event.  His wife, Selma, died this year (2008) and was forever faithful and never forgot him throughout the days of her life. Jack

Posted 12-6-08
Jim Tibbetts, 818 CES 61-65

Was assigned to support the ATLAS missile sites and base maintenance. Visited the base and site 9 in 1989. Presently retired from AT&T and living in Florida. Any of SGT Careys cherries please feel free to e-mail me.

Posted 1-3-09
Darryl J. Smith, Airman First Class, July 1961 - Feb 1965
Assigned 307 HQ Squardron Working in Combat Ops as an Illustrator

I am looking for information on A2C Norman E. Scott who left Lincoln in December of 1963, originally from Providence, Rhode Island.  If you have information please contact me thru email or 810-743-1752. Also looking for anyone else from that time period.

Posted 1-27-09
Cas Lehmkuhler, 60-64,
TSgt Base Personal Affiars, Base Personnel

Had a great time at Lincoln AFB from 1960 to August 1964 then went to Berlin, Germany.  Worked in Personal Affairs at Base Personnel and played a lot of sports.  Lived at the gym.  Special services was run by Major Seeback, Sgt Tony Giordano (deceased) and none other than Mel Tillis was an A/2C working at the service club.  Played on the base basketball with Pluck, Edwards, Bell and Davis.  Played on fast pitch softball teams with Bob Brown, Carl Kruljac, Don Vest and others.   Also played fast pitch softball for Kings Drive Inn team in Lincoln who were annually the Nebraska State Champions.  Great tournaments in DeWitt.  Played flag football, basketball, and softball  for 818 HqSq .  Played in an interesting fast pitch softball game against the criminals in their "Yard ball park" at the State Pen.  Yeah, Robbies was a superb place to stop for a cold one either going to Lincoln or on the way back from Lincoln.  Worked part time tending bar at the NCO Club and worked as a night manager at the Officer's Club.  Was at the north end of the runway on the highway when Major James Meeks B47 caught fire on takeoff and crashed in the distant field.   Had to scramble to reverse it back toward the gate as his plane was on fire and heading for me.  Very sad to sit there on the side of the road and watch him go in.  Co-pilot got out safely by ejecting.  LAFB was a great community and spent nearly every Sat morning at the Lodge on the lake.  It was a time when Bob Devaney came to the Cornhuskers and turned  them into a college football power house.  Had a friend who could find out what Nebraska high school and colleges weren't going to be at the Cornhusker football games and we could go to the University ticket office and pretend to be them and get game tickets for $1.00 but had to sit on the top deck of the eastern side of the stadium.  That was okay, watched Pat Fischer, Thunder Thornton and Willie Ross play.  Monte Kiffin the Tampa Bay Bucs defensive coordinator was also there then.  Lived on Kingsley Drive in base housing where Carl Kruljac and I used to play "Top Cat" and sit on the trash cans and have a cool one now and then.  Man, it was a good time.  Went back in May 2007 for Bill Ketterer's 80th birthday, he was the coach of Kings of Lincoln, and visited the base.  What a pitiful sight to see.  The buildings all gone except BX, Chapel, gym, officers club, nco club, base  pool, flightline BX, and several flightline buildings.  Lodge at lake was gone and the lake was dry with not a drop of water in it.  It just seems like it was a dream.  However, the memories are great.

Posted 3-27-09
John Belz
Civilian Lincoln Resident Since 1961.

Even though I have lived my whole life in Lincoln, Nebraska, I would have to omit I didn't know very much about the old Lincoln Air Force Base.   It closed when I was around seven years old, so I have no memories of it.   During my on-line research of WWII Army Air Corps bases which my father was stationed at in the states and in England,  I saw there was a lot of interest in them.  Knowing that my own city of Lincoln, Nebraska once had a airbase I decided to learn more about it and take as many pictures of what I could find.   Compared to what these former WWII bases look like now, I believe Lincoln still has a lot of their airbase still intact.    The airbase is now a industrial park.   It has never been a very popular area for business, but many of the original buildings are still intact and many have been improved.  Still many have been dormant for years.   The residential area is called "Arnold Heights", but anybody who doesn't live there call it "Airpark".  With so many of the old homes owned by the city the area has always been somewhat of a "low income" part of town with all its rentals.   Recently many new homes have been built and there is even a new retail mall with a grocery store.  The little lake has been completely redone done and actually has fresh water with fish!   The Arnold Heights Elementary School his getting completely rebuilt.  Lincoln is very good at maintaining all of its public property even if it is in a poorer part of town.   The city of Lincoln is twice as large as it was when the airbase was closed, but it still is like a big little town. Lincoln is a clean town with little crime.   Lincoln unemployment is the lowest in the country.   Still people miss the Lincoln of the past.   I would love to have all the retail downtown like the city used have.         In the next couple months a new book about the city of Lincoln is to come out.  It will include many photos and stories about Lincoln when the airbase was open.  People were asked to write stories about the Lincoln of the last fifties years (Lincoln is 150 in 2009).  Hopefully the book includes some stories from those who were at the airbase. There were a few at this web site which would have been great additions.   There has already been two earlier books about this same time in Lincoln.  The book are all done as "non profit" so my interest is only wanting people to learn about Lincoln and hopefully they will learn that we once had a airbase.    Also if you are ever are driving through Nebraska on I-80 check out the SAC Museum between Lincoln and Omaha.  They have lots of nice planes.   I always thought they should have a little area about the Lincoln Air Base at this museum.      John Belz,  Lincoln, Nebraska

Hello All.... This is Jim Holub, Webmaster of this site. I would like to take this moment to Thank John for his time and efforts in photographing the former Lincoln Air Force Base as it is today. I have his photos posted on the site in thier related section. John... I know I speak for all when I say.... Many, Many Thanks!!

Posted 7-24-09
Capt.Paul E. Kalisch, 1956 - 1959

I was co-pilot on 726 when it lost a prop. Our crew that day was Lovedahl A/C, Kalisch C/P , Nav Lang, RO McCallum, BO Lang which you have pictures on website.   It is too bad when I mention I was in the "Cold War". I get just a blank stare. We are not remembered. There was an effort at one time for congress to recognize us and or create a ribbon. Those were good days. We knew who the enemy was and where to find him. I have never been more proud than when we all worked together on the ground and in the air to deliver fuel to any point on the globe within 30 seconds of the rendezvous time.

Posted 7-27 -09
Sigmund F Faber,  SSgt,  Nov 1955 - Aug 1961
307th FMS   Ground Power & Aero Repair Branch Office

Looking for members of GPE shop.

Posted 9-25-09
John R. Prior, A2C, 1962 to 1965
34th MMS

What a great time of my life there at Lincoln AFB. I enjoyed my work as an MMS troop and enjoyed the many close friends around me everyday. I have very fond memories of that time in my life and would do it all over again. Any other guys out there remember the times we all had in "Bay 4"? I have home movies of the B-47's amazing black exhaust take offs. What a beautiful aircraft. And to be able to work directly on them on a daily basis was fulfilling as an airmen. I had been back to Lincoln 10 years after the base closing and haven't been back since.  

Posted 11-9-09
Joe Cupurdija, A2C, Feb 62 - May 63
Procurement clerk in the Base Procurement Office

Had some great times at Lincoln.  Worked in the Procurement Office.  Don't recall most of the names, but SSgt Carl Kruljac and SSgt Johnny Johnston come to mind.  I think TSgt Tony Williams was there, as was MSgt Renate Scala.  Lived in the Combat Support Group barracks, across the street from the library.  Worked there part time. One of the guys in the barracks was A2C Steve Cherup, who I believe, was from Detroit. We managed to get down to Kansas for beer since I was the only guy with a car.  There was one A2C in the salvage yard who lived at the far end of the barracks.  His field was basically frozen for promotion, but one day he made A1C.  The day he was notified, invited me down to his room for a celebration and some Bourbon Deluxe.  Never had it before and have never had it since.  In May 63 went to OTS at Lackland.  I was commissioned in Aug 63, and on the way back to Pennnsylvania, stopped by my old office at Lincoln.  That was the last I had seen them.  My first duty station was Patrick AFB, Florida.  Yeah, hardship tour.  All my travels took me to Wheelus AB, Libya, Randolph AFB, TX, Phu Cat AB, RVN, Kirtland AFB, NM, Andrews AFB, MD, and finally Bolling AFB, DC. I retired in 1991.  It was one great ride.  Maybe you know the individuals I've mentioned above.  If you're still in touch with them, let me know.  Thanks.