Time Line History
Lincoln Air Force Base

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1952 / October 21st - Base Activated
1954 / Febuary - 98th Air Refueling Squadron arrives
1954 / July 98th Bomb Wing arrives
1954 / 307th Bomb Wing and Air Refueling Squadron Arrives
1960 / 307th ARS leaves
1961 / 551st Strategic Missile Squadron activates
1963 / 98th ARS leaves
1965 / June - 307th and 551st deactivate.
1965 / November - Defense Department ordered the base closed by early 1966. Division Commander had to scramble to decommission the entire wing. He accomplished the job in the early winter of 1965
1965 / December 7th - Last of B-47s of the 98th leave. They were destined to go to Monthan - Davis Air Force Base for storage. One of the B47's was sent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base for the Air Force Museum.
1966 / June 25th - Base Closes

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