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Posted 8-5-04
Mike Streight

I am seeking any information about my father, Sgt Delmar Streight.  He was severly injured in a training accident at Santa Ana.

Posted 11-4-07
Wallace S. Thurston

Wallace S. Thurston, #19100607, A/C, Air Force Preflight School (Pilot), SA AAB, Santa Ana, California. Inlisted on June 29, 1942 and had an\par Honorable Discharge on October 5, 1943 for a physical disability. I am trying to find any information on my Father, Wallace (Wally) Thurston, deceased. Other than his Honorable Discharge paperwork and Application for Disability Compensation I don't have much to go on. I have a picture with several young men in uniforms. I believe he is on the bottom row, second from the left (see MFP Scan attachment). Is there any type of yearbook that would have a picture of him?

Posted 2-26-08
Jeff Wickersham

I was just going through some of my grandpa's old military stuff and have a picture of his bombardier squadron class of March 14, 1944. I am interested to know if anybody knew him. His name was Calvin J Wickersham. There are some names that he wrote on the back of the picture.

Posted 2-14-09
Mary Dart

I am interedted in any information on my father Richard Thomas Snyder Jr. who was in Pilot Squadron 49 under Commanding Officer Lt. E. L. Wolfe. He trained at Santa Ana and then went to Mira-Loma Flight Academy in April 1943. He was at Santa Ana in Feb 1943. He flew in Italy and Northern Africa in WW2. Any info email me. Thank you.

Posted 2-14-09
John Connell, Class 43b- 0737363

John H. Connell  instructor B-17 uc78at-9  WFTC on 12 acres of SAAB. Looking for members of 43b pilots.

Posted 2-14-09
Frank Sciarrino

I'm posting this message on behalf of my Dad, Frank Sciarrino, who served in the Santa Ana Army Airforce Base in the early 1940's.  He is trying to find his buddy, James Horvath who he served with.  His picture is in the yearbook but not much else is known.  He believes he might have reenlisted after the war.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you, John Sciarrino. 

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